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Embrace the Beauty of Bullet Hell

High up in the heavens, the ancient crystal known as Ira maintains the peace of an entire world… until a mysterious figure shatters the crystal, allowing Chaos to return. As malevolent creatures suddenly appear across the land, a young girl is chosen by an ancient god to collect the fragments of Ira and restore order, assisted by the apostles who once served Ira’s creator.

A character-based shooter with roguelike elements, Ira celebrates the artistry of what shooter fans call “bullet hell”: enemy projectiles that weave intricate, geometric patterns across the screen and force you to seek out the precarious safe spaces between them. Set in an anime-inspired fantasy world marked by ethereal beauty as well as grave danger, it’s a procedurally generated action game that requires skill, inspires strategy and rewards patience.


  • Shoot arrows from 166 different bows
  • Choose three special “perks” (power-ups) each time you level up
  • 150 unique relics (passive buff items)
  • 43 different synergies from bow + relic combinations
  • 5 different Apostles that can be conjured for special ultimate skills and passive perks
  • Procedurally generated maps across more than six different stages
  • Boss battles with exceptionally devious projectile patterns

Platform: Steam, GOG, Epic
Release Date: October 3, 2023
Players: 1
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